“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m Possible’.”

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I enjoy the way in which both the blog and the mission of  Golf. My Future. My Game. enables me to share my knowledge, learn more about myself, and do something that is truly meaningful.


Each weekly blog post provides me with an avenue into the hearts and minds of fellow golfers and, more importantly, future golfers.  I hope to ignite imaginations to dream of the possibilities that golf has to offer, and to drive passions up the fairway as far as the imagination can travel.  It encourages me to receive emails, calls, texts, and passing comments from people who read and enjoy the blog.  They share how the blog has touched them or opened a door by shedding more light on the game, causing them to think about it in new ways.  My insights on how the lessons learned on the course can carry over into our daily lives will, hopefully, continue to engage new teachers, learners and doers in both the sport and the industry.


-Craig Kirby, Founder


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